First WordPress Blog

Hello guys, this is Monit Khanna, And this is my first wordpress blog. I have been blogging earlier for my Website- I love to write about technology, although that’s not the only genre I write about. I am also very much interested into Lifestyle Genre, specifically into Design language, Fashion and Travel & Tourism.

I am a mega foodie, and I live to eat. From the hustling street food to the finest restaurants, my choices aren’t limited. I also love to cook, specially deserts. You should really try the Cold Mocha I make. It’ll just take your breath away. Also I love making varieties in egg which include French Toasts, Scrambled eggs and Sunny side. Primary food choices include Indian, Chinese and I surely do enjoy the typical western fast food, specifically Cheese burgers and Pizza, yum! Recently I have got my tongue addicted to Tacos and Nachos…. Oh god I’m hungry!

So coming to my academics, I’ve completed my Bachelors in Mass Media and Communications, specializing in Journalism and Content creation. Currently I’m studying Law, from K.C. Law, Mumbai. I know, you might be thinking what is the connection? Well I sort of had interests in both these fields, so what the heck!

Now if you feel Law and Media has no connection, well then you’re mistaken my friend. Law is present in every walk of life and its presence is everywhere. It is one of the most dynamic fields, not to forget it pays well too. So all in all this amalgamation of the strange opposites surely adds up.

Now I am quite of a social bug, I am very active on Facebook, Google plus, Youtube as well as on Instagram. Not so active on Twitter yet, but will surely be on that soon. You guys should surely check out my profile. I love clicking photos, and instagramming.

I am a thorough reader, and mostly I read fiction & Mythology, I am not fond of big fat novels, yet I have quite a few that I’ve read a couple of times. One of my Favorite authors include Ruskin Bond, Roald Dahl, Paulo Cohelo, and recently I have got myself hooked up to Indian authors like Amish Tripathi- for the Shiva Trilogy and Ashwin Sanghvi for Chanakya’s Chants. And If you’re new to reading,  you guys should really give these authors a shot.

I love listening to music as well. And I don’t have a genre in specific that I listen to. I have my playlist ranging from Indian Devotional songs to some Japanese albums to Jazz. I have over 3000 tracks on my iPod, and more keep adding up daily.  Some of my favourite artists include Bruno Mars, MJ, Ed Sheeran, Hardwell, Kenny G, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, Skillet and much more.

I am quite a dynamic personality, and I love exploring new limits. I’m open to learning something new everyday as I feel that One never stops learning, and the day that person feels that he’s learnt everything, that’s where his/her downfall begins. This Blog will be a part of some amazing days in my life, and some even more amazing ones, Hope you’d be a part of it. Thank you for reading my Blog, Have a great day ahead, goodbye!

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